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HN Series Digital Torque Meter

  HN Series Digital Torque Meter is an intelligent metrologic instrument,which is designed for various torque test and calibration. It's mainly used for electic/manual torque drive,torque screwdrivers, bolt driver,tension wrench and other testers and products which refer to tightening force.It is widely applied in these industries,such as electrical manufacturing,machine manufacturing,car light industry,professional research and tests,and so on.                                                      

 Main Characteristics

1.  Catching and holding the first peak value in test

2.  Motion and resilience force of rotary switch

3.  LCD with blue back light

4. Test direction display (cw"" + "" ,ccw"" - "")

5.  High accuracy,High resolution and High sample rate

6.  Initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result by Sound

    and light alarm and Level signal output(You can set high or low).

7.  Memory 99 testing data and calculate the average,max and min value.              

8.Converting three units(N.m,Kg f.cm ,I bf.in) automatically.

9. Catching the peak value in test,showing it on display for 0-30 seconds,then releasing the value and being ready for the next peak.

10.Power off time(0-99 minutes)can be set by yourself.

11.Connect it to PC by USB Output,it will display the curve and table of testing result and analyze them, such as print, statistical analysis,etc.

12.The serial output:baud rate 9600.             


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