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HT-30N~500N Digital Spring Tester

HT Series Digital Spring Tester is a special equipment  to test the tensile and compressive deformation and the load of the spring characteristics.      


 Main Characteristics                                                    


1.  Unique first peak hold function during the test;

2.  LCD display, blue backlight;

3.  High accuracy,High resolution and High sample rate;

4.  Upper and lower alarm value can be set to sound and light alarm, level signal output (can be set high or low);

5.  Memory 200 testing data and calculate the average,max and min value;

6.  Converting three units(N,Kgf,Ibf) automatically;

7.  Peak hold, hold time can be set (0-99 seconds);

8.  Free auto shutdown (time is free to set up 0-99 minutes);

9. Serial communication (can be easily configured to USB), computer display of the force curves and forms a variety of display and process data, such as printing,statistical analysis and so on;

10.Optional installation of micro printer.                           

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