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HC-200 Series Digital Thickness Gauges

 HC series of coating thickness gauge is a portable thickness gauge with eddy current thickness method and electromagnetic thickness method. It can be used to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of coating or cladding material without damaging it. As an  essential instrument for professional material protection,this coating thickness gauge is widely used in manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry and commodities inspection etc.,both in the laboratory and in the engineering field. It can measure the thickness of nonmagnetic layer on magnetic metal substrate condition (such as steel, iron, alloy and hard magnetic steel, etc.) and the thickness of conductive layer on nonmagnetic metal substrate condition (such as rubber, paint, plastic, anodic oxidation film, etc.).            


 Main Characteristics:                        


1.  With both the magnetic and eddy current thickness method, as well as measuring the thickness of the magnetic non-magnetic coating on metal substrates can measure the non-magnetic again the thickness of the conductive coating on metal substrates;

2.  Two measuring methods: CONTINUE and SINGLE;

3.  Two working modes: direct mode and burst mode;

4.  With five statistics:MEAN,MAX,MIN,NOS.DEV;

5.  Two methods can be used together for calibration, basic calibration method and can be used to modify the system error of  measuring head;

6.  With functions of storage:in storage 500 observed value;

7.  Delete function: can delete the single suspicious measurement or the all storage data in order to start a new measurement;

8.  To set boundaries:the measured value beyond the limit alarm automatically; And can be used histogram analysis of a batch of measurements;

9.   Have print function: can print measurement, statistics, limit, histogram;

10. Can be communicated with a PC: Measurements, statistical values can be transmitted to the PC, so that the data can be further processed;

11. With low supply voltage indication function;

12. Operation works with beep prompt;

13. Has the error function, through onscreen or beep error message;

14. There are two shutdown modes: manual shutdown mode and automatic shutdown mode

15. Dimension147×65×30mm

16. Weight0.2kg 


Series spec parameters

 Measuring head type

HC-210(Magnetism F)

HC-220 (Eddy current N)

HC-200(Global function FN)



Operating Principle

Magnetic induction


Magnetic induction+whirlpool



Measurement Range(µm)


Chromium plating on copper(0~40)

Chromium plating on copper(0~40)


 Lower limit of resolution(µm)



Display NO.

 Background, the four books, according to two lines of statistics show



 Manufacturer for the calibration, zero calibration, the calibration foil calibration


Display NO.

One point calibration(µm)





Two point calibration(µm)





Test Strip

Minimum radius of curvature(µm)

            Convexity 1.5mm,Camber concave 3mm


 Diameter of the minimum value(mm)



Type FΦ7Type NΦ5


Critical thickness of substrate(mm)



Type F 0.5mmType N0.3mm



Operating Environment





   Without a strong magnetic field environment


Overall Dimension



Probe selection parameters


Organic materials and other non-magnetic coating (such as: paint, coatings, plastics, enamel and anodized, etc.)

Non-magnetic non-ferrous metal layer (such as: chromium, zinc, aluminum, copper, tin, silver, etc.)



Magnetic metals such as iron and steel

F type probe
measurement range: 

F type probe
measurement range:

Such as copper, aluminum, brass, tin, zinc and other non-ferrous metals

N type probe
measurement range:

N type probe is used only for chromium plating on the copper
measurement range:


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