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HB6801 Thermometer

The instrument is a kind of high precision temperature measuring instrument with microprocessor technology as the core, applicate 16 AD converter for temperature measurement; by applying type K thermocouple, the temperature sensor can measure Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature. With data retention, decimal point switch, operating state memory, low battery power display and other functions, the machine has compact design and accurate measurement, very easy to carry. It can test the temperature of solid, liquid and gas.                                                 


Main Characteristics                                 

1.  Display:  4 digit liquid crystal display (LCD), the maximum display 9999;

2.  Sampling rate:  about 16 times per second;

3.  Storage environment:  0 to 50 (32 ~ 122 ) relative humidity < 80%;

4.  Outrange display:  minimum two shows "Hi" or "Lo";

5.  Battery:  9 v alkaline or zinc carbon batteries;

6.  Battery life: alkaline battery -- about 300 hours, carbon zinc battery -- about 150 hours;

7.  CBM: 130 × 65 × 25 (mm);

8.  Dimension: 138×65×25(mm);

9.  Weight:  0.1kg(with battery);

10.Measuring range:  -50 to 1300 (-58 to 2372 );

11.Environment temperature coefficient: when below 18 or above 28, It's 0.1×degree of accuracy/"                          

Classification  Of  Sensor:

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